Larissa Mueller's picture
Contrary to google search results, Larissa Mueller is not a moon of Neptune, a German shot-putting champion, or a Japanese engineering student with a sweet tooth. She is, however, a magazine advertising industry refugee (National Geographic, Out Magazine, and the Advocate, since it's name-dropping time) from California, a graduate student in photojournalism at the University of Texas at Austin, a distance hiker and desert lover, and a very curious person. From her family home in Huntsville, the cultural mecca of Alabama, to the eight years she lived in California... as Johnny Cash would say, of travel she's had her share, man, she's been everywhere. She likes doing the robot, capturing the moment, people who hang up their cell phones in elevators, Dr. Pepper Slurpees and three-alarm spicy food, learning new Farsi words, saving the day, and nonfiction books weighing at least 3 pounds. She dislikes the letter "c," violence, patterned silk shirts, small dogs, people who can't sing but think they can, mayonnaise, high ISO noise, and talking about herself in the third person.