Photo by Katie Hayes

A farmer in Wei Zhuan ushers his cow through the small village streets.


Photo by Patrick Michels

For Xian shop owners who live in their stores, even personal grooming ends up in the public realm.


Photo by Patrick Michels

A man rests on a bench near Xian’s drum tower, one of the city’s major tourist attractions.


Photo by Patrick Michels

The park lining Xian's city walls fills with people practicing tai chi in the early morning hours.


Photo by L.A. Reno

An elderly woman hand sews shoes on the street in Wei Zhuang.


Photo by Katherine Fan

Local church overseer Lei Zimei welcomes visitors into her home in Wei Zhuan, a village north of Xian.


Photo by Katie Hayes

With the youth leaving the to find work in larger cities, elders are left work the land.


Photo by Katie Hayes

The Hui community in Xian is home to sesame oil factories, small mosques and traditional Muslims.


Photo by Katie Hayes

Meat distributors deliver goods to butchershop owners in the Mulsim Quarter of Xian.


Photo by Katie Hayes

This boy's father moved to Beijing in order to find work as a bookseller.

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