Photo by Katie Hayes

Guo Yibo, burned in a household chemical accident, sells calligraphy under an overpass in Beijing.


Photo by Larissa Mueller

Boxers spar at the Xian Institute of Physical Education school gym. Excitement about the Olympics runs high at the college.


Photo by Larissa Mueller

Wei Zhuang village children squat in neat rows in the school courtyard for their English lesson.


Photo by Larissa Mueller

A weaver spins thread for a funeral feast cloth in the village of Wei Zhuang.


Photo by Larissa Mueller

A model showcases the latest Chinese fashions outside a department store on Dongdajie Street in Xian.


Photo by Larissa Mueller

During the evening, the streets of the Mulim quarter fill with tourists shopping for gifts and residents meeting with friends.


Photo by L.A. Reno

Two young boys drive down the street on their motor scooter after school let out for the day in Wei Zhuang.


Photo by L.A. Reno

A baby being carried in a basket on the back of an older woman enters a shoe store in Xian’s urban center.


Photo by L.A. Reno

Two young boys people watch from a sidewalk in Wei Zhuang.

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