Photo by Katie Hayes

Ballroom dancing is a nightly occasion after the sun goes down near Houhai Park in beijing.


Photo by Larissa Mueller

The Beijing Film Academy's student play mixes modern theater with elements of traditional Beijing opera.


Photo by Katherine Fan

A man in a Chinese warrior costume waits to greet visitors and pose for pictures at Great Wall.


Photo by Katherine Fan

China’s Great Wall spans over 4,000 miles and more than 2,000 years of history.


Photo by Katherine Fan

A customer has his bicycle serviced at a repair kiosk on a narrow hutong.


Photo by Katherine Fan

The sun sets behind a foot bridge spanning Beihai, a stretch of river that runs through Beijing near the Forbidden City.


Photo by Rebecca Davis

An acupuncturist’s apprentice looks out the door of his clinic, the Meridian Wellness Center.


Photo by Rebecca Davis

A contestant for the CCTV program, Outlook English, has makeup applied in Beijing.


Photo by Rebecca Davis

Beijing night markets include exotic fare like scorpions, starfish and seahorse on a stick.


Photo by Rebecca Davis

In efforts to prepare for the 2008 Summer Olympic Games, the Beijing government is adding more public transportation.

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