Growing Pains

China’s breakneck industrial growth, its relentless construction of roads, harbors, airports, factories and office towers, and the resulting assault on the environment, have made the country’s economic miracle at once awe-inspiring and alarming to behold – and guarantee that the road to the future will be full of pitfalls as well as promise.

Chinese Medicine Ails from Brain Drain

By Rebecca Davis

Dr. Wang Juyi examines a patient while several students stand around and observe during his Saturday morning clinic hours. Today, Wang holds clinic hours only twice a week serving mostly friends and family.

Shelley Oches left her private acupuncture practice in Louisville,
Kentucky eight months ago to study classical Chinese medicine—a
tradition that has largely been phased out of medical schools in China
as Western medicine has come into vogue in the globalizing country.

In Search of a Chinese Silicon Valley

By Patrick Michels founder Morgan Su hopes to grow his product search site into a global hit.

If there is a Silicon Valley to be found in China, Zhongguancun—a Beijing neighborhood full of universities and electronics dealers—is it. But can it produce an innovation culture to compete with California?

The Acupuncturist


American doctor Shelley Oches explains why she came to China to study traditional Chinese medicine under Dr. Wang Juyi.

When Fuel Prices Rise in the Land of Production

After months of waiting in line at diesel stations because of a national shortage, the government raises domestic fuel prices in an effort to close the gap between global oil prices and the domestic rate.