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Photo by L.A. Reno

A large speaker in the practice studio plays American hip-hop as the crew practices.


Photo by L.A. Reno

Fute concentrates as he watches other members of the crew practice for the upcoming battle.


Photo by L.A. Reno

Helen Melon stretches out before practice. To her knowledge, she is Beijing's only female breaker.


Photo by L.A. Reno

Wang Lei (aka Lil' Rock-It) practices a dance move as members of the Foot Style Rockers watch.

Hip-Hop in Beijing


The Foot Style Rockers, a Beijing-based break dancing crew that participate in battles and jam sessions around the city that draw the best nearby talent. China’s growing hip-hop community is still small enough that a local break crew can organize events with some of the scene's top players.

Ebb and Flow - What is Old Becomes New Again

For a generation raised on MTV rather than Mao Zedong Thought, Buddhism, along with other traditional Chinese ideologies such as Confucianism and Taoism, offers young people a way to reconnect with their Chinese identity in the face of increasing globalization.

Whither Chinese Identity?

Walking around what looked like a more metropolitan area of Beijing one day, I came across an old man sandwiched between a Bentley showroom and a shopping center boasting two huge advertisements for Burberry. He was standing on a sidewalk outside a restaurant, weighing eggs using a simple weight attached to a stick, making a simple living in an increasingly complex, modern city.

"Chinese People Are Friendly"

Before coming to China, some of my biggest questions were about Chinese impressions of the U.S. 

An American Quest for China's Electric Bikes

Chuck McCormick and Aaron Kowalski are two of the countless Americans looking for business deals in China today. McCormick came to China a year ago when an expat friend invited him to visit. Since he's semi-retired, he was able to extend his 10-day visit to two months. “China can be very distracting," he says. "It’s like quicksand—the more you get involved, the more it pulls you.”

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