Photo by L.A. Reno

Two young boys drive down the street on their motor scooter after school let out for the day in Wei Zhuang.


Photo by L.A. Reno

Two young boys people watch from a sidewalk in Wei Zhuang.


Photo by L.A. Reno

A baby being carried in a basket on the back of an older woman enters a shoe store in Xian’s urban center.


Photo by L.A. Reno

A 55-year-old man plays the Kong Zhou, a yo-yo like game, in the early morning at a city park in Hangzhou.


Photo by Rebecca Davis

Taiji is a common early morning sight in the parks in China as this man is seen practicing in Xian along the city walls.


Photo by Rebecca Davis

A field worker takes a break in Wei Zhuan.


Photo by Rebecca Davis

The Xian Muslim district has become one of the cities most popular tourist attraction.


Photo by Rebecca Davis

A church parishioner welcomes visitors to christian church in Wei Zhuan.


Photo by Rebecca Davis

Nooks and crannies in a chinese houtong reveal the personal routine of daily life.


After hand watering his crop of cotton, a farmer in Wei Zhuan takes a break.

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