Photo by Katherine Fan

A customer has his bicycle serviced at a repair kiosk on a narrow hutong.


Photo by Katherine Fan

The sun sets behind a foot bridge spanning Beihai, a stretch of river that runs through Beijing near the Forbidden City.


Photo by Rebecca Davis

An acupuncturist’s apprentice looks out the door of his clinic, the Meridian Wellness Center.


Photo by Rebecca Davis

A contestant for the CCTV program, Outlook English, has makeup applied in Beijing.


Photo by Rebecca Davis

Beijing night markets include exotic fare like scorpions, starfish and seahorse on a stick.


Photo by Rebecca Davis

A man walks past a birdcage just inside of Man Fu Lou restaurant in Beijing.


Photo by Rebecca Davis

In efforts to prepare for the 2008 Summer Olympic Games, the Beijing government is adding more public transportation.


Photo by Rebecca Davis

Dr. Wang Juyi examines a patient while several students stand around and observe during his Saturday morning clinic hours. Today, Wang holds clinic hours only twice a week serving mostly friends and family.

Safety Is as Safety Does

 “You don’t need that,” Xian taxi driver Chang Xumin remarked sharply, as I reached for my passenger seatbelt. “It’s very safe, really.” He apparently took offense at the thought that I might need a seatbelt in his cab, but the prospect of riding beltless in Chinese traffic persuaded me to buckle up anyway. Chang clucked a few times and sped off, narrowly missing an old woman who was slowly crossing the street.

Big Brother (and Everyone Else) is Watching

A 20-something woman takes off her pants in a doctor’s office. She stands wearing purple-striped bikini-cut underwear in a room full of strangers.

A mother holds her toddler over a bush in an elevated squatting position. A convenient tailored opening allows the kid to do his business, major or minor, without the burden of diapers, or any protective layer.

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