Beijing in Photos: Week Two


The best of our shots from the second week here in Beijing. Click through to watch the slideshow.


Photo by Katie Hayes
Even though water quality is thought to be a major concern for China, a group of swimmers at Houhai park attribute their health to their daily swm in the park's murky lake.


Photo by Larissa Mueller

Makeup artists put on finishing touches at a student play at Beijing Film Academy.


Photo by Larissa Mueller

Students at the Beijing Film Academy go up for the jump shot on the campus basketball courts.


Photo by Larissa Mueller

People on public transportation create their own worlds with iPods in crowded city spaces.


Photo by Larissa Mueller

A Taoist practitioner touches a statue of a mule in the at the White Cloud Taoist temple in Beijing.


Photo by Katie Hayes

Hebei Province elders gather to protest for the return of money invested in the local government.

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