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One Big Christian Family

Late one afternoon, our giant charter bus rolled into a quiet town two hours northeast of Xian to explore life outside the urban centers in China. What we found was, in my opinion, a level of hospitality unmatched thus far in our travels. After finishing a delicious dinner prepared by a group of local women, we took a slow stroll to the town’s only Christian church, escorted by the cunzhang, "village head."

David Cassidy the Feminist

The retro hit, "I think I Love You," blared from a flat, plasma-screen television at the ultra-modern Wall Street English conversation school. The students had just watched an episode of The Partridge Family entitled "My Son the Feminist." The show features a young David Cassidy who starts dating a young women's rights advocate and gets duped into performing at a feminist rally. The episode was used to launch the day's English discussion on feminism.

"Chinese People Are Friendly"

Before coming to China, some of my biggest questions were about Chinese impressions of the U.S. 

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